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Official translation of legal texts and certification of the same by Official Expert Translators of the Superior Court of Justice of the State of Nuevo Leon and the Federal Court of Administrative Justice.

  • All our translations have the seal and signature of the Official Expert Translator; therefore, they are valid anywhere in the world and before any authority.
  • Our Expert Translators are supported by the Consulate of Germany in Monterrey and the Consulate of Canada in Monterrey; therefore, our official translations are fully valid in said consulates and countries.

Apostille/Legalization of American documents
Ratification of our translations before any authority
Works via email or courier service
Urgent requests
Efficiency, punctuality, confidentiality, quality, and reasonable prices

At Estrada Navarro & Asociados, Official Expert Translators and Appraisers, we have the services of translation of legal texts in the main languages, besides having the ability to deliver the document in the manner determined by the client, including the possibility of sending the documents via email in Mexico and the rest of the world, as well as by mail or private courier service

Our Official Translators Firm specializes in the translation of legal documents such as articles of incorporation, birth certificates, academic records, diplomas, letters of employment, powers of attorney, death certificates, bylaws, divorce decrees, requests, invoices, apostilles, brands, patents, and contracts.

At Estrada Navarro & Asociados, Official Expert Translators and Appraisers, each and every expert translation is certified by an Official Expert Translator so they can be legally valid in any part of the world.

Additionally, and due to the fact that many times our clients are required to translate a legal document for any nationality or immigration process, our firm also has the service of Apostille / Legalization of American and Mexican documents, so you can get a comprehensive service in the same place.

At Estrada Navarro & Asociados, Official Expert Translators and Appraisers, we prefer honesty, and we guarantee that the delivery date established for your document will be respected, and in the event that it is required for a date in which we are not able to deliver your document with excellent quality, this will definitely be informed to you. We rather tell you that we can’t do it than to lie to you and deliver your document late or with low quality.

Our fees are accessible, and in the case of a very large project, we can give you a preferential price by volume.

Each and every one of our translations is delivered with a format that is very similar to the one of the original document; they are sealed and signed by the Official Expert Translator for all legal purposes.

As added value, we can also mention that when our Expert Translators are translating any legal text such as for example a contract, without it being required, we will notify any ambiguity, omission or error that could exist to the client. In the case of certificates, if there is any error on them and in that case, if the client wants to, we can provide an estimate for our services to correct the wording of any legal document that could contain errors or omissions in the text; therefore, your legal texts could not be in better hands.

We are able to issue tax receipts and we also accept urgent requests for an extra fee.


Our rates are quite competitive and we will even give you a preferential rate for large works.

All and each of our translations are delivered with a format similar to the original.

When translating documents, we like to be really careful about the contents of the works. Should there be any ambiguity, omission, or error (like in the case of letters or contracts), we proceed to notify our client and we can offer him/her an estimate for the correction of the content of any legal document, so you can be sure your assignments will be in good hands.

We can issue Mexican invoices and undertake urgent assignments with a 100% extra charge.

What is an official - sworn translation in Mexico

What is an official - sworn translator in Mexico

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